Mr. Cashman African Dusk




Mr. Cashman African Dusk

Mr. Cashman African Dusk is sure to be a hit on your game floor. The most iconic personality in slots is now rolling into proven Aristocrat titles. Now you can put the amazing combination of battle-tested popular games like African Dusk with the accompaniment of Mr. Cashman, this classic will help your realize all-new profits!

Aristocrats come with a one year warranty.

  • Touchscreen monitor
  • Lock and Key
  • Setup for handpay- no need to worry about tickets
  • Unlimited tech support
  • Video before shipped
  • Bill acceptor that accepts all of the new bills

Aristocrat Mark 6

The Aristocrat Mark 6 is sure to be a favorite slot machine for your players. Mark 6 is available in a variety of cabinet styles with a large selection of game themes to choose from. The crystal clear 19″ LCD looks amazing in these cabinets also. The Aristocrat Mark 6 also brought in some hugely popular game theme series including Mr. Cashman and the Reel Power Series. The beauty of Aristocrat is in the numbers and the players know it. Aristocrat constantly keeps a high hit frequency. This allows the player to hear lots of bells and whistles go off while they get to play a little longer on their money.


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