Pompeii is a slot machine made by Aristocrat.   It is one of the most popular games in the US, from the perspective of per-unit profitability for casinos.   In many casinos across the US with 1000-2000 machines total there is usually 6-12 of these games.  Players flock to these machines in casinos.

It is almost always offered as a penny game, but in some jurisdiction the casino will set it at $.05 denom.  It is one of the most successful of the Reel Power games made by Aristocrat.   This is game where you buy the reels instead of the lines.   In order to play all five reels you pay 25 credits and that gives you 243 ways to win.  To cover all lines you bet 25 credits and your max bet is 200 credits.

The bonus on this game is the free spins.  You can win 10, 15 or 20 free spins with 3, 4 and 5 coins.   During the free spins you get paid 3x’s and 5x’s for patterns with the wild symbols in the second and fourth reels.

Aristocrat Mark 6

The Aristocrat Mark 6 is sure to be a favorite slot machine for your players. Mark 6 is available in a variety of cabinet styles with a large selection of game themes to choose from. The crystal clear 19″ LCD looks amazing in these cabinets also. The Aristocrat Mark 6 also brought in some hugely popular game theme series including Mr. Cashman and the Reel Power Series.  The beauty of Aristocrat is in the numbers and the players know it. Aristocrat constantly keeps a high hit frequency.  This allows the player to hear lots of bells and whistles go off while they get to play a little longer on their money.


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