Spartans Gold




Bally Alpha 2 Spartans Gold

Spartans Goldis a Bally Alpha 2 slot machine. The Spartans Gold slot machine makes a great addition for the collector. This is a beautiful model and perfect for your casino floor.

Bally Alpha Pro 2

The Bally Alpha Pro 2 is one of the newest games that we have in our inventory.  This machine is absolutely beautiful and features dual 22″ widescreen HD LCDs as well as bright LED strips running along the monitors to really catch the players attention.  The Bally Alpha Pro 2 is also compatible with Bally’s iDeck.  The iDeck replaces the button panel with a 3rd LCD that displays the button layouts and works with a  full touch screen.  Once the iDeck is installed, the only physical button left is the spin button.

If you’re looking for something truly spectacular in the pre-owned slot machine industry, this may be one of the best you can find.  This is a great way to really impress your player base.


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